Color Psychology in Logo Design; How Logo Colors evoke Emotions?

color psychology emotions logo design

Everyone loves colors. Humans have a genuine affinity towards colors. Colors evoke feelings, convey messages, and add a sense of element to things around us. Just like in kindergarten, where everybody wishes to have the largest box of colored pencils or the assorted range of crayons. The fascination seldom fades with time. And owing to […]

6 Reasons Why Branding Is Important For Your Business

branding for business

Branding is a marketing promotion practice where a business creates its identity by creating a name, logo or design that becomes an identity to the business. This helps to identify their offering and differentiates the same from other services and products.  Branding is important for your business because it creates a memorable impression on customers […]

6 Ways Design Crowdsourcing Sites Are Helping Startups

design crowdsourcing sites help startup comparingly

Finally emptied that garage to make space for your dream startup. Great job! Let me tell you what’s up next very soon. Lots of design work, because business brand building happens in sync with the right marketing plan. And inspiring, eye-catchy designs are the perfect ingredients of a great marketing mix. Now this raises the […]

How to Write a Logo Design Brief : 7 Step Checklist

how to write a logo design brief template checklist comparingly

Finding the best logo design contest site that suits your budget as well as requirement is a tedious job. But what lies ahead is the biggest task of them all. Getting the perfect logo designed from a design crowdsourcing site. And the first stepping stone of this process is the logo design brief, also called […]

14 Logo Design Trends used by Freelance Logo Designers

2017 logo design trends used by freelance logo designers comparingly

Logo Design Trends keep evolving every year & the logo designers have to keep a lot of things in the head while designing a logo because it needs to leave that lasting impression on the onlooker. Rebranding a business logo is not what happens everyday, thus freelance logo designers have to make sure that a […]