12 Small Business Ideas for the Millennial Entrepreneur

Small Business Ideas Millennial Entrepreneur

A great man once said that the economy of a country is not built by the biggest companies but by the power and union of millions of small and medium businesses. Today there are more than 31.7 million small businesses registered in the USA alone, and there are millions more who operate without registration. This figure […]

25 World Famous Logos & Hidden Meanings Behind These Iconic Brands

world famous logos hidden stories iconic company brands hidden messages

Every day all around us we see hundreds and thousands of iconic business logos. Be it the local dollar store or of an online eCommerce giant, logos are a crucial visual element of all of our lives. But more often than not, we do not think about the meaning behind a particular company logo. We […]

5 Design Hacks To Make A Memorable Small Business Logo

design hacks memorable small business logo design hack

Acquiring new customers is a major challenge for small business owners all across the world. The struggle is similar to all, but a handful of them recognize early on that good branding is essential in order to find new clients and make their business a popular name. So what is the best method to make […]

Color Psychology In Logo Design; How Logo Colors Evoke Emotions?

color psychology emotions logo design

Everyone loves colors. Humans have a genuine affinity towards colors. Colors evoke feelings, convey messages, and add a sense of element to things around us. Just like in kindergarten, where everybody wishes to have the largest box of colored pencils or the assorted range of crayons. The fascination seldom fades with time. And owing to […]

6 Reasons Why Branding Is Important For Your Business

branding for business

Branding is a marketing promotion practice where a business creates its identity by creating a name, logo or design that becomes an identity to the business. This helps to identify their offering and differentiates the same from other services and products.  Branding is important for your business because it creates a memorable impression on customers […]