4 Nifty Tips for Writing an Outstanding Crowdsourcing Brief

tips for writing a crowdsourcing brief tips comparingly

These days, crowdsourcing is an effective way for small businesses to get solutions because the power of a crowd beats the power of one person, any day. The crowdsourcing brief is the starting point for your brand & project, and the initial information piece that the freelancers on the crowdsourcing marketplace get about your requirement. So, […]

The Layman’s Crowdsourcing Guide

laymans crowdsourcing guide - comparingly

The Word Crowdsourcing is the combination of the words ‘crowd’ and ‘outsourcing’. Its the process of getting any work done, by a group or crowd of people, online. So basically, its nothing but taking work and outsourcing it to a group of people. The Benefit Crowdsourcing means having more people for any given job, than […]