6 Ways Design Crowdsourcing Sites Are Helping Startups

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Finally emptied that garage to make space for your dream startup. Great job! Let me tell you what’s up next very soon. Lots of design work, because business brand building happens in sync with the right marketing plan. And inspiring, eye-catchy designs are the perfect ingredients of a great marketing mix. Now this raises the […]

4 Nifty Tips for Writing an Outstanding Crowdsourcing Brief

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These days, crowdsourcing is an effective way for small businesses to get solutions because the power of a crowd beats the power of one person, any day. The crowdsourcing brief is the starting point for your brand & project, and the initial information piece that the freelancers on the crowdsourcing marketplace get about your requirement. So, […]

The Layman’s Crowdsourcing Guide

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The Word Crowdsourcing is the combination of the words ‘crowd’ and ‘outsourcing’. Its the process of getting any work done, by a group or crowd of people, online. So basically, its nothing but taking work and outsourcing it to a group of people. The Benefit Crowdsourcing means having more people for any given job, than […]