Best Logo Maker Online Free (& Paid)
The Best Online Logo Generators & Creators to Create Your Own Logo

The advent of online logo makers, logo design softwares and logo design apps has greatly empowered the individuals embarking on a startup or entrepreneurial journey. If you’re also an individual who is looking for the best logo maker online free or doesn’t mind shelling out a few bucks to get his dream logo design, you’re in the right place friend, read on.

These online logo makers allow you to make a great professional looking logo in a very short span of time. And you can do so without having any graphic design knowledge at all. So in short, having access to the best logo maker online helps entrepreneurs create professional high quality logos at a price which doesn’t dent their pocket at all.

A logo as we know is the face of a business brand. Whether you’re using it on a website or a t-shirt, it has to completely align with your brand image while leaving a lasting first impression. People are able to recognize your company and recall your brand value, just by looking at your company logo, so it goes without saying that you should choose your logo very wisely. But first let’s understand why is a logo so important for your business.

Why Is A Logo Important For Your Business

  • A logo can set your brand apart from your competitors. A clean and professional looking logo can make your brand stand out from the crowd.

  • A logo can draw in potential customers if you choose attractive colors & fonts. You get their attention, you have a chance to get their business. Simple!

  • A logo can grow customer’s attachment with your brand values. Since your logo is closely associated with your brand identity. Hence your customers get subconsciously attached to your brand values every time they see your logo on any product or merchandise.

A great looking professional logo is simple, has a great recall value and has an everlasting appeal.

To achieve the same, though its a great option to go for a logo design contest or to hire a logo designer, but everyone has different availability of funds. And specially if you’re a startup and boot-strapped, creating a good product or service is the first priority and design usually comes in later.

So let’s put this worry behind for once, as there are a lot of free logo makers out there to help startups & small businesses produce high quality business logos without breaking the bank.

How To Choose The Best Logo Maker Online

While choosing the best logo maker for your requirements, there are some important things to keep in mind.



    • Many logo creators are 100% free, while others are not. High resolution logo versions are chargeable on almost all online logo makers.


    • The user experience and ease is noticeable on few logo generators with predefined logo templates, while you really have to work from the ground up on a few online logo makers.


  • Some online logo makers offer complete drag & drop functionality and full control over the design vector elements while others are limited on features.


Considering these factors we’ve put in effort to find the best logo maker online free in the market today in terms of its features, price & overall applicability for an average customer. Hope this extensive guide helps you to choose the best online logo maker & create your own logo.

Best Online Logo Makers / Creators / Generators

1. Looka – AI Powered Online Logo Maker

Looka stands at the top of the list undisputedly, thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence. DIY used to be a tough task, not anymore. Designing logos on this brilliant AI powered logo maker is a breeze. Its like you’re working with a real designer. You just have to answer few questions and the intelligent logo generator gets to work. You enter your company name and tag line, choose the visual styles, color preferences and voila! The logo maker produces stunning designs for you.

You can keep viewing the recommendations till you like one of them. The logo maker is extremely customizable, offering you a very finer control over the details such as the icon, font and color. You can edit your favorite logo to your heart’s content. You just enter your company name and tagline first, then pick your favorite visual styles & color preferences. Your work is done, the logo maker gets to work from there. The logo maker will generate several logo templates. You can now pick your favorite one & get all the options to customize the font, icon and color of your favorite design. Edit your chosen design till you you like it best.


Basic Package : Looka charges a fee of $20 for downloading a low resolution PNG logo. You can also use this logo for inspiration and share it with a logo designer to work further.

Premium Package : This package at $65 offers high resolution SVG, Vector & PDF files, along with transparent PNG backgrounds.

Enterprise Package : The $80 package at just $15 more cost provides you with a social media kit & business card designs on top of the premium package. This makes the AI based logo maker tool’s offering the sweetest.

Using this online logo maker is free and you only have to pay if you love a design and want to download it. Looka also offers website integration so you can buy one of their website package plans that include logo & website domain hosting together.

2. Designhill – Online Logo Creator



Designhill features a very broad collection of logo templates. You can reproduce completely unique designs by adding customisation to the logo templates using this logo generator. Since this logo maker is customisable and different from the free logo makers, you can use it to build your perfect logo in just a few clicks.

Just enter your company name and tagline first, then pick your favorite visual styles & color preferences. Your work is done, the logo maker gets to work from there. The logo maker will generate several logo templates. You can now pick your favorite one & get all the options to customize the font, icon and color of your favorite design. Edit your chosen design till you like it best.


Basic Package : Designhill charges a fee of $20 for downloading a low resolution PNG logo. You can only use this logo in small version applicability like a social media profile icon. For most of your basic logo requirements you need to go for their premium package.

Premium Package : This package offers higher resolution SVG & Vector files, which are actually of use and you’ve to pay $65 to download these files.

Enterprise Package : They also give you the option to go for this $150 package if you’re a bigger enterprise. You can then work with one of their designers to customize & fine tune your favorite logo after producing it with their online logo generator.

Designhill is also a renowned crowdsourcing platform and you can always use it to launch a logo design contest as well. Many people also use the final design from the online logo creator as a reference point to launch their own logo design contest.

3. Tailor Brands – AI Powered Online Logo Generator

Tailor Brands is another AI Powered Logo Maker which offers amazing visual styles that can leave you mesmerized. The AI factor weighs in and every single logo template offered is unique & catered to your requirement. Nothing is predefined. To help you get the perfect logo for your brand, the logo maker gives you an option to choose your logo type when you start the process. These are icon based logo, name based logo and initial based logo.

They even show how your chosen logo would look in different forms, such as website logo, on a business card, on merchandise and social media as well.



Tailor Brands offers very competitive pricing when it comes to online logo makers.

Basic : $3.99 monthly subscription which includes a high quality logo file. They also offer brand analytics plus development tools in the same subscription.

Standard : $5.99/mo package gives you vector & SVG resolution files of your logo access to a suite of design tools to work further on your brand.

Premium : This package is the cream package and gives you social media management tools included in your plan on top of the Standard package, for just $12.99/mo.

Tailor Brands truly delivers when it comes to your brand building. Their services are so brand oriented that you may just fall in love with the additional benefits you get from one of their brand building packages. For eg. A Social Media Auto-Scheduler that is included in their Premium Package, alone costs a fortune if you avail that service elsewhere.

4. Placeit By Envato – Logo Maker Online

Placeit Logo Maker By Envato is super simple to use and lets you create bold and iconic logos in a few seconds. Its a template based logo maker and they have over 4000 logo templates. Hundreds of new logo templates get added every day, using which you can surely make a unique design for your brand’s logo. The logo maker allows you to make as many customizations as you need! Find some inspiration for your logo by choosing your brand’s industry.

Enter the name of your business & your industry, and the logo maker will start showing you logo templates suiting your requirement with your brand name in it. You can then use the logo maker tools and edit graphic design elements of your logo as well as the fonts and colors to your taste.

Placeit logo maker provides you the option to edit your logo as much as you want before you purchase it. The availability of over 4000 templates gives you the option of having a lot of design options for your logo. If you don’t tweak your logo a lot, your logo uniqueness may suffer. You might end up with a basic logo that is similar to many others, since the logo maker is template based.



The pricing is at par with other online logo makers in the market but they also offer a subsciption based service like Tailor Brands.

Standard : If you need a single logo , you can download your logo for $39.95 one time fee. The logo file is high quality vector file that you can use for offline printing and commercial purposes as well.

Subscription : If you take the subscription to Envato’s services which includes unlimited mockups, designs & videos, then downloading a logo would cost you half price at $19.97. The subscription cost for monthly package is $14.95 whereas you can save over 44% money on the yearly package with a total fee of $99.95. This package is the best for businesses who need a lot of variations of their logo on a consistent basis or particularly those who are in the design industry with an agency kind of setup.

5. LogoGenie – Online Logo Maker


Logogenie is one of the top logo makers out there. This logo maker backed by a french team combines artificial intelligence and world class online DIY tools that you can use to design your logo with. With over 3000 quality icons to choose from and 5 different logo styles, logogenie has something for everyone. The logo package is very affordable and includes HD graphic files, social network branding, vector files and much, much more. Design a stunning logo in minutes with this amazing logo maker.

Logogenie is a really good logo maker when you want a minimalist look for your logo. You just provide details about your company and it will shower you with hundreds of great looking logo templates.


Standard Pack : For just $19.90 you could download the high definition file formats like JPG & PNG. These are perfect for website, business cards & usage with merchandise.

Addons : For unlimited future modifications you need to pay $4. To have the vector files (SVG, PDF) of your design you need to shell out $8. You need to pay $4 each for social media formats as well as black and white versions of your final logo. They also offer you exclusive rights to your logo for just $120 and you can have the logo ownership copyrights signed by them & the logo taken off their site.

6. Hatchful By Shopify – Free Online Logo Maker


Hatchful is an online logo generator by Shopify and also one of the most popular. In just a few clicks you are ready with the initial templates. Its design interface is pretty simple and beginner level friendly. Just answer a few questions about your business and you’ll have decent design templates at your service.

To begin, you’ve to select your business space, and then follow these steps:

  • Choose your business space or niche
  • Choose the visual style you want in your logo
  • Enter your business or site name & tagline(optional)
  • Choose where you’ll be using the logo
  • Pick your favorite logo from a huge collection of logo templates

You can keep tweaking your logo to your satisfaction. When you download the logo package, it contains images of various resolutions for your website as well as popular social media profiles, etc.

Hatchful Logo Maker is a very basic logo maker with no logo icon or vector customisation features that one may require. You can not edit the icon, color or font they provide. You can only choose from the combinations offered to you.

Another downside of using this online logo maker is that its templates are generic have been used by thousands already. There is a very strong chance that a design you may download has already been chosen by someone else before. So the uniqueness of your logo may suffer.



Shopify logo maker is absolutely free to use. You can download a ready to use regular resolution PNG logo in no time at all.

7. Wix – Free Online Logo Creator


Wix is already one of the most popular website builders on the internet. Its logo maker is exactly feature rich like its website builder. It gives you a granular level control over the logo vector elements along with drag and drop functionality. The generated logo templates are not a delight to the eye at first but the huge icon library can help you find what you’re looking for. You’ll have to be patient and keep scouring and you’ll definitely find a logo that looks just great.

The advanced customization features is what makes this online logo maker so great. The logo maker truly delivers just like their famous website builder in terms of being highly customizable.


Basic Package : Wix charges a one time fee of $20 for downloading standard logo files in the Basic Package. You get full commercial ownership of the designs.

Advanced Package : This is worth $50 and it gives you resizable high resolution SVG and vector files. They also bundle in the social media logos in this pack.

If you plan on launching your own website as well, you can choose their website builder plus logo options. It offers everything in the Advanced Package along with a free domain and hosting for a year at just $16/mo.

The Wix logo maker also offers you to download just your single logo file in a low resolution for free if you just want to try out how it looks or maybe use your logo one time for some odd purpose.

8. uCraft – Free Logo Maker Online


uCraft is another online logo maker that is quite distinct and known for its caricature type of logo templates. The logo maker has a clean and simple interface and its really easy to use. You can play around with the design elements and adding or removing them is a breeze. It offers limited functionality just like Hatchful logo maker and is not very advanced or AI based but it gets the job done.

The logo maker is not their primary offering and comes as a free tool along with their main services, which are website builder offering web templates and cloud hosting. The logo maker might be plain vanilla but its a good choice for an odd or one time use.



The uCraft logo maker offers free download of your business logo in a PNG file format. You can get the file and pass it on to your professional logo designer for tweaking and more refining.

You can also download the high resolution SVG file format for $10. But we’d suggest choosing another logo maker which is more advanced if you intend to pay for your design. When you’re spending, you might as well spend a little extra and get a design logo.

9. Canva – Free Logo Generator Online


Canva is a broad design tool that can be used to design just about any type of image you need. Be it a background wallpaper, a social media header or a one time poster. It offers a big collection of backgrounds and design elements. Add your text and you can make just about anything. Using Canva is totally free. All you need to do is register and you can start using it. Saving your work is also offered in multiple file formats. You can edit the images, icons, fonts and just about any other design elements.

The biggest downside to using Canva is that it is used by many. So the templates tend to get very repetitive. Most of their free templates have already been used by multiple people so you might see a design similar to yours floating around online.

Also, to use the design tool, you need to go through a learning curve. Using canva can be a little daunting if you don’t have enough design sense because the software doesn’t offer many templates in free mode and you’ve to brainstorm a bit. In that case you can find yourself looking at the screen for quite some time, not knowing how to move ahead. They do have a premium offering wherein you can use the paid premium templates for making a unique design. If you take their premium plan and use it to make all kinds of your designs, like social media banners and blog post graphics, you can really bring down your startup budget allocated for graphic design requirements of your website.



Canva logo maker is free to use. For access to their premium pack which has professional templates, icons & high resolution images, you’d need to take their $12.95/mo subscription.

Logo Maker FAQ


Below are few general questions about logos and logo makers.

What is a Vector or SVG file?

Vector or SVG format files are the high resolution mathematical versions of images. Pixelation is a phenomenon where the pixels of a picture don’t render correctly, what you would call a bad or distorted picture generally. The vector and SVG format files do not pixelate and appear the same way whether you compress or expand its view by any ratio. JPG and PNG format files are the commonly used picture formats which are low in resolution and smaller in size.

What is the use of a Vector logo file?

Like discussed above, vector logo files do not pixelate when they are zoomed. Thus you need vector logo file for usage in your business scenarios because the applicability is different. A simple logo printed on a card, or a logo printed on a cup/mug or a logo printed on a big billboard hoarding. The sizes needed are different in all three cases. And for the logo file to not pixelate, it would be best that the file used is a vector format because it can scale easily into any size.

How can I create my own logo for FREE?

As discussed in the logo makers above, there are many logo makers which can be used to create your own logo for free. Hatchful, Wix, uCraft & Canva are the best online logo makers which offer free download option for a logo. They are all easy to use and need no graphic design knowledge.

How do I make a logo with transparent background?

This feature depends on the online logo maker you’re using. When you’re editing the logo icon or image, see if you have an option to remove the background in your options panel, alternatively you can also set the opacity of the background to 0% if there is no option to remove the same. Both these ways are effective in making a transparent background logo.

What makes a great logo?

A logo is the representation of your business. It needs to convey your company, your product and your vision, all at once.

A great logo is clean, flexible & unique. It has to be memorable so that people don’t forget your brand.

BONUS : How To Create Your Own Logo


Creating your own logo can be a humongous task if you don’t know how to proceed. Here are some handy tips for you to jumpstart.


1. Research, Research, Research

Its never enough. Research your competition as much as you can. Find out what is working for your competitors and how are they doing it. This is how you differentiate yourself and position yourself uniquely. This will pretty much clear in your head what is it that you’re looking for and should work to help your differentiate your business in the industry right from the first day. Your logo has to be a true representation of your business.


2. Find Your Inspiration

What you need to start is an inspiration. We all run through multiple inspirational ideas in so many places. Be it the internet that can offer you thousands of logo templates, the hoarding at the local cafe, the pamphlet at the corner shop. Keep looking around for that perfect inspiration for your logo.


3. Focus On Your Values

Think of what are the key brand values of your business, now think of it as a person or entity, how it would look. That would give you a very broad idea in your head how your logo should look like. Further you can work on the various aspects of your business like how your brand vision can be conveyed through your logo design.


4. Getting It On The Paper

Now is the time to sketch your logo. Keep playing around and sketch different versions of how you want your logo to look like. Tweak around with icons, fonts, color schemes. Try anything and everything you like. You can be as creative as you want.


5. Feedback Never Hurts

You need genuine, constructive opinions from people known to you about the changes you need to make to the logo. What you like might not be pleasant to the eyes of others. Gathering feedback is a must. Whether its the icon size or the font type, you should try and have a logo which is liked by maximum people so that you have a logo that is perceived nice by majority of people.


6. Get That Final Design Rolling

Now that we’ve cut through the major work of planning your logo, let’s jump to the online logo makers. You don’t need to be a design pro in order to use these. The logo makers discussed above are designed keeping in mind that everyone doesn’t have design qualifications. Keep following the above steps and try to apply them in the logo generators and you will be able to produce a great looking professional logo.

Final Thoughts


Designing can be tough and impossible for many, but not if you go the DIY way with the online logo makers. Using these logo generators is pretty easy and simplified. The downside to many free logo makers does exist that you compromise on the uniqueness of the logo and have to use low resolution quality logos. But you can always use it to do a dry test run on your design concept using one of these logo creators. That ways, you can have a design handy, to convey what you’re looking for to your logo designer.

Whether you’re starting an online shop, or opening a brick and mortar store, these online logo maker tools help startups and entrepreneurs to create high quality professional logos to represent their business at very affordable prices. You can use one of the logo makers to do the job if you’re on a lighter budget, or if you’d rather someone else do it for you, you can always get your logo designed by a logo designer on marketplaces like fiverr. Or you can go the extra mile and get an amazing customized logo from one of the popular design crowdsourcing platforms by launching a logo design contest.

Have any questions or suggestions about these online logo makers, please let us know in the comments section below.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Team Comparingly is committed to helping Startups, Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs in finding the best reviews & comparisons for the services their business needs.

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